Rupert Getzen was a classical sculptor whose work was based upon, and modeled from, various aspects of the human body and head, as well as those of the animal kingdom. His art is representational and figurative but with definite expressionistic leanings. One can also see strong literary and mythic influences in his work. He deliberately created his sculptures to be part of the lengthy stream of sculpture flowing from its beginnings in prehistory to the present. Although there are many stylistic turnings in each of his pieces, this conscious grounding in ancient sculptural art is always present and can especially be seen in his iconic heads on stone.

Mr. Getzen’s sculptures have been purchased by collectors in many countries and have been displayed in galleries throughout the United States and Mexico. In addition to Mr. Getzen’s fine art sculptures, he also did commissioned portrait busts for personal as well as public display. His work can be seen and purchased (by appointment) at his gallery “Gallery Getzen” in Rockport, Maine. To make an appointment or to inquire about a sculpture, please go to the inquiries section of this website.

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